Ever wondered….

Ever wondered what it takes to train for a marathon?

Well…my husband set out to find out. It all started one fine day when he came home wearing an informative look on his face, and started talking to me about Dean Karnases. (We had just read the book, and it had managed to seep through our thick exterior to inspire us enough to undertake physical activity again.) It’s true – he had set his mind on running a marathon.

The first purchase towards that end was a book titled ‘Non-runners guide to Marathon training’. So, he spent several couch-potatoed days reading the book,and digesting the contents. Finally, it was time to “move”, and he went for his first run.

The next day he was complaining loudly that the contours on his feet did not match the shoe shape, and hence required a new pair of shoes (Legitimate demand, although the explanation must have come from the book, no doubt!) I made room for a wonderful pair of shoes – what I did not make room for was an expensive pair of cotton socks! Yes….cotton socks! Some sales guy, apparently, doing a remarkably good job, sold him a pair of socks called ‘Running’ socks. They looked ordinary to me, and often times get mistaken for regular socks. I could not for the life of me figure out why one would pay so much for a pair of socks. But, the lady of the house has to be appeased. So, after the subsequent run, all I could hear was the tremendous difference the socks made to his life! Not a squeak about the fantastic pair of shoes, but all praise for the socks!

Though, I continue to tease him about his marathon training stories, I am a proud person watching him near the 10 mile mark in so short a span. And if more cotton socks are the key to a successful marathon – then so be it!

All the best to you dear!

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