Here a cake, There a cake

We celebrated my daughter’s third first year birthday party yesterday – Phew! I have to practice saying this. Just to keep the record straight, I decided to blog it that she is really only a year old! As long as she doesn’t think every year ushers in 3 parties, I am fine!

Since I am known for my silly songs, I cannot pass up this opportunity of another one …
Lil girl Keerts had a club
Eeeaa EeEaa Ooo
A Princess Cake here, and a Mickey cake there
Here a cake, there a cake,
Everywhere a birthday cake!

My sister and family decided to wish her everytime she cut a cake or celebrated her birthday – a decision taken in haste, I can tell you! The strain was beginning to show. Calendars were drawn up, and reminders posted to track the various events around the globe! Feverish phone-calls ascertaining the day was indeed her party day! The anticipation of photographs taken in some fancy outfit! Oh – the mind swaggles (if ever a word like that existed!) See…..this is where I wish I were an artist – I could draw a pencil sketch of the brain, and several exclamation marks around the head, a pair of zombie-like eyes and a dotted line to show the tottered motion of a tired brain tracking birthdays – but, you get my drift, and I shall not babble further.

Anyway, the birthday parties served as a reminder that she is growing up amidst loving family and friends.

On behalf of my little girl, I thank “The Keerthana Fan Club” members for making her parties a huge success! Thank you Thaathas, paachees, athais, athimberes, pemma, peppa, maamas, aunts, uncles, akkas, annas and paapas too!


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