Whale Watching

We had been to Point Reyes (a point on the scenic Pacific Coast in California, where whales are spotted with relative ease). However, the highlight of the visit turned out to be cows! The one-year old Fauna Research Crew Head in our team was fast asleep, exhausted from the long drive there, and her Grandmother practically had a hyper-tension attack everytime she missed another 4-legged creature. Normally, my mother is not excited enough to steer all conversations towards cows, if she chances upon a couple of them sitting by the roadside.

Every time an individual reacts in a certain way, there should have been a Cause i.e. the Cause-Effect Phenomenon. As it turns out, the reason for the exalted proclamations on seeing cows was an innocent visit to the Zoo a few weeks earlier. We had endeavoured to show our little daughter 3-dimensional creatures, since she loves the 2-D versions of these that she sees in her picture books and Baby Einstein DVDs. We planned a day to the Zoo, and arrived there with a Picnic hamper full of Goodies, and had a hearty meal before embarking on the Zoo tour. We practised the Lion’s roar, and the Elephant trumpet for good measure.

Four enthusiastic adults accompanied the toddler into the Grand Zoo. We had been to the sprawling Zoological Gardens in Mysore & Hyderabad, and my parents were eagerly looking forward to this visit. We went in, and saw the following animals:
1) Cow – 1 number
2) Donkey – 1 number
3) Horse – 1 number
4) Goats – 5 numbers
5) Sicilian Donkey – 1 number
6) Parrots/Tropical Birds – 5 numbers
7) Jaguar – 1 number (The only “Zoo-worthy” animal as my Father would say!)
8) Some Squirrels (I couldn’t bother counting them **BORED FACE**)

By the above standards, every street corner in India was a Zoo! We had been to a Petting Zoo (I figured that out later of course!)

So, when my parents saw cows minding their own business and grazing quietly, they could not stomach the fact that we paid to see 1 cow, while this many cows were there for no fee. Thankfully for them, the little one got up, and drank in the scene! She even had the good fortune of seeing a newborn calf that day.

I would have been happy if they had saved their enthusiasm for spotting Whales at Point Reyes – but Female Whales or Mother Whales are called Cows, so I’ll just have to settle for that!!

5 thoughts on “Whale Watching”

  1. That was quite hilarious…

    Point Reyes is one of my favourite destinations, mainly for the scenic drive and the serene beaches and not so much for the whales. I havent spotted any whales there with my naked eyes, though Shoba would say that I dont spot a lot of “visible” things, even those within the vicinity..:)..

  2. I wish the Fauna research crew head had been awake to see the HT attacks that her missing the 4 legged creatures had on her ammamma!

  3. Yep…..many a time I try to convince myself that a spurt of water must have been a whale, but with no luck! Once when we had been there, somebody said that they had spotted a whale the previous day, and everybody was longing for another sighting, but to no avail 🙂

  4. You do not realise the value of cows till you land in a country where there aren’t any!!I came to Dubai for the first time with Siddu (age 1 and 1/2). He used to eat lunch in Bangalore in the company of a distinguished and esteemed member of the bovine race ( a black emaciated and dirty cow) which used to loiter around our road chewing everybody’s garden!! When I brought his lunch on the first day, he wanted to go see the ‘Maaaaa’! I learnt from friends that the only Maaa they know are the ones in Sheikh Mohammed’s farm (that is the Ruler of Dubai)…so don’t belittle cows ever again, Toyo. Whales you can see in Sea World, cows you can’t!!!

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