Couch Sporting

I’m sure people would call me a spoilt brat when it comes to exposure to sports – way more than a lot of children in India can afford. The School I grew up in had 14 large playgrounds, 7 tennis courts, a huge gymnasium, a swimming pool and even a squash court on the premises. Not that I accomplished much with all this, but I loved Sports, and have spent many an enjoyable evening on the playground.

Considering all of the above, you would consider me a decent “Couch Sporter”(a term I just coined to refer to those who immensely enjoy watching sports), wouldn’t you?!

*Shakes head remorsefully* Tut Tut!

I simply cannot bring myself to watch a game. I attended the Lakers Vs Mavericks Game in a Stadium, and loved the experience! There were lots of people, pop corn, a complimentary clapper to create a ruckus in the name of clapping and a bunch of enthusiastic friends who were explaining the rules of the game to me.
Verdict: I enjoyed the acrobats’ performance in the break-time more than anything else.

My office has been abuzz with the Super Bowl over the past couple of days. Many an American wife have I heard whimper that her hitherto affectionate partner will transform into a partially deaf person with a beer in hand on this particular evening. I banished my past apathy to sport viewing and tried again – I sat with my affectionate partner during the Super Bowl, and watched people ram into each other, while he explained the game to me.
Verdict: I found the advertisements more intriguing.

Cricket, a sport that has wooed countries of people fails to charm me as a watch-worthy Sport. This is one sport that enthralls all sections of people in our Society – yet, I find the game lackadaisical. In fact, many an ignorant year have I spent not knowing the difference between a “Six” and a “Four“. When I did want to know, I held back cringing at others’ perception of my own ignorance! One day, I braced myself for the worst, and asked a classmate of mine. I am sure he reserves better stares for worms before he crushes them under his foot. He tottered, and his speech stammered before he finally enlightened me!

I didn’t even try watching this game, since it spans a whole day!

Oh what better method to ignore the chores at home, turn a deaf ear to all the ramblings, and shove in the bad calories that accompany the good snacks? Well…I will just have to live with the fact that Couch Sporting may be one of those gifts that I am not endowed with!

5 thoughts on “Couch Sporting”

  1. Watching sports and movies without moving out of couch is an ART. Not everyone gets that. So Don’t be hard on yourself 🙂

  2. You know there was once a term called ‘season’….you need to endure cricket for some months, football for some months…atleast the agony of dealing with these games on TV were distributed in even proportion through the year…there was always an ‘end’ to forward to! I would tell my friends ‘Hi! Cricket Season will be over in a week and then my husband will be more useful!’. more! They play these damn matches all year around…some country or the other! If none of the countries are on the pitch, there is an India A Vs India B!! And then there are channels( Ten Sports) which keeps re -telecasting whole matches to make my life merrier!!!

  3. I dont know about others. But, I love to be a couch sportsman…:)… Especially, if that would mean that I am rendering myself useless to others…in some cases, that could be construed as a generous act of usefulness as well…:)

    It is quite difficult to digest the fact that you didnt know what was the difference between a SIX and a FOUR…what can I say…

  4. Well…if you are not interested in something, you don’t bother finding out right? I instantly switched off the TV everytime I saw a Cricket match – let’s say uninterested was stating it mildly. I don’t like Cricket. Like Jayashree said, somebody somewhere is playing it all the time – and I used to find the whole experience such a strain!

    I used to watch Wimbledon finals etc, because I did not find it such an arduous task.

    I am comforted by the thought that the womenfolk in my family at least share my opinions on couch-sporting.

  5. Though my school did not have any playgrounds per se,I am still interested in a lot of different sports. Cricket is not one of them, though.I love watching any sport if it is competitive enough and is equivalent to a thriller movie.Being in India, it is tough not to be interested in cricket.I was a cricket fanatic in my early school days(till 9th grade or so),but find it too boring nowadays though ofcourse it is easy to get me interested in the game towards the end.
    If you watch football carefully, you will see that it involves a lot of strategy and is a very interesting game though can get boring at times depending on the teams.

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