I sorely missed this chant when BART ground to a stand still last night during peak commute hour. The stations were eerily quiet, and empty, while BART employees feverishly worked to get the system back on track.

I envisioned any other station in India when the train pulls into the station. The “sooda tea” and “suda suda bajji” smell wafts into the train accompanied by the shrill voices of the vendors. As long as one does not give too much thought into how these savouries are prepared, they make very tasty snacks!

In fact, my nephew was so enamoured of this profession when he was 3 years old, that his lofty career ideal was to become a “Chai” (tea) vendor in Dindigul station one day.

His metrics for job satisfaction were simple:
1) He could watch trains all day
2) He liked drinking tea, and by becoming a tea stall owner, he could have as many cups as he wanted to!

After a long day at work, I sure would have been happy to gulp in a cup of hot tea at the station yesterday!


4 thoughts on “Tea…Kappi….Vada…Bonda…Bajjeeeyaaa”

  1. Oh! now I am all ravenous…

    We had a nice time listening to all these while in Bangalore. I hope you remember Manu’s mail describing what all we ate on one Brindavan ride (-;

  2. I remember the days when we used to travel from Trichy to Vizag which was a long journey and one of my favourites just for all those mouth watering goodies served in Coromandel express..

  3. I’ve always enjoyed train rides and the goodies that come with it. I’ve been disappointed several times when my parents packed their own food than buy stuff from the vendors… Whether it tastes good or not, it sure smells great..:)

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