Of Toothpaste Tubes

Wouldn’t it be nice to have liquid toothpaste …Only then it would not be called ToothPaste, but Toothmix. The flow of the toothmix could be akin to ball point pens, wherein a little pressure when applied flows onto the toothbrush, and empties out from the top. Of course, then the structure of the toothbrushes would have to be changed to enable them to squirt the liquid as we move them over our teeth with a small liquid holder to squish out the liquid in spurts as the brushing action begins. The liquid should have the same foaming action as toothpaste so that we get the same clean feeling after brushing.

One may wonder at this juncture why one should go through all the trouble of changing the working model of toothpaste and toothbrushes? Rightly so.

The reason is simple: Have you seen the way people squish the toothpaste in the middle, instead of pushing the paste down from the top of the tube? Then, the task of moving the remnants from the top to the squished middle is left to the more orderly paste-pusher. Of course, by this time the tube has already lost its original shape and looks forever like a downtrodden, sad tomato shoved under the wheels of the speeding carriage.

I live with a compulsive paste-squisher, and many a store have I visited looking for some sort of a crude implement like a ring that I could attach to the end of the tube, and all the squisher needs to do is move the ring along the circumference of the toothpaste – and Bingo! Paste on Brush; tube looks good; birds chirp happily again and another smooth day is born!

7 thoughts on “Of Toothpaste Tubes”

  1. These rings are available.. Did see some at Harish’s house in Portland. Guess we have a compulsive middle squisher there too..

    *wink, wink*

    Have u see the way the paste tube ‘kudaisanjify’ once it nears its lifetime?? And, this is worse if the tube holder is not tall enough. Once I spent about 10 minutes in the stinly pinky bathroom trying to see if it did stand upright..Guess the *headweight* of the tube’s owners kinda rubs off! *LOL*

    P.S: Manu you listening??

  2. In our house, the condition is reverse. Shoba is the irregular squisher and I patiently try to set it right…:)

  3. As long as one regular squisher exists in a household, tube harmony can prevail!

    Animate the tube for entertainment:
    Imagine it trying to weigh the options of getting to the hands of a good pusher, and sliding away from a squisher as fast as it can slide!!

    Okay okay….got to stop now 🙂

  4. As long as we get the paste and there is a person to straighten the tube out in regular intervals, I am OK with squishing..He He..
    I am sure Sri and Mano will agree with me…what say?

  5. One idea that I thought about to avoid the middle squishers. Poke large holes along the end as the paste gets used. Middle squishers will get their hand pasty if they try to do that. So, they will end up doing the right squish…:)

  6. Mindframes…..your idea rocks! Try it out first, and let me know the consequences before I attempt something as radical myself!!

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