When M’s become Ebbs

I call a customer service representative for just another routine thing:
Bee: Hi, I am Saubya calling
CSR: Hi … Um, could you spell your name out for me please
Bee: Sure. S as in “Sab”, A as in “Apple”, U as in “Ubrella”, Ebb as in “Bary”
CSR: Pardon?
Bee: Ebb as in “Bary”. You know Jesus had a bother named Bary
CSR: Oh Mary!
Bee: Yes….pardon bee. I have a cold, and can’t get to say “Ebb” quite right!

Spring danced in, and the allergens joined suit. I have a cold that will not call it quits – Yes!! I finally banaged to say a sentence without “Ebb”!

As I get dressed everyday, I take a moment to decide about the deodorant to use. This time, it doesn’t matter. Atleast not to me, I am not the one smelling myself! I could dress like a peach, smell like a lime and feel like a rag!

A cold has some fringe benefits too – you could blame your deteriorating culinary skills on the inability to smell. “Baybe, the salt is a trifle bore, and I bay have gone a little too easy on the peppers. I can’t taste very well, thanks to this irritating cold!” you proclaim and set forth a dish of soup that tastes like dishwater.

Benefits aside, with a cold you seem to tick people off with some routine tasks. When a person has a nose like mine, they come to rely on it pretty heavily for day-to-day chores. You pick up the baby, and sniff around to see if the daily duties have been performed. With a cold, this is yet another task that requires more overt techniques. You have to resort to sneaking a peek, and this is certainly not something that makes anybody feel comfortable. So, you have a cold and an angry toddler to deal with by the end of the exercise!

I could ramble on as usual, but let me stop myself and enjoy the beauty of Spring!

6 thoughts on “When M’s become Ebbs”

  1. Very funny again 🙂 In fact I had to read the first few lines (of the conversation) again after I got the context 🙂

  2. Well.well..I finally get to read your blogs after hunting for the url among my email..keep ’em coming..great stuff.

    BTW am back in India. Working for Sabre.


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