Dear dear Technology

The pace at work is pretty hectic (Ours being a small company, and one of the fastest growing in our domain) By nature of their profiles, the Production support groups and DBAs are known to be high-tension jobs, since they are always required to take care of issues NOW!

So, imagine how I felt when I walk into the break room to find a member of the production support technical team staring out the window, and making a comment about the weather in San Francisco.

“It is breezier here during the day, and definitely colder in the mornings and evenings” she explains.

I nod in assent.

Soon, she continues after acknowledging my nod, that everybody outside is walking baring their skin, and life looks so pretty outside. I let out a laugh, and move towards my coffee.

Soon, a few more people walk into the break-room, and one of them even responds to her statements: “Fantastic weather isn’t it?”

To which she replies: “Yes, I really wish I could wear shorts” (Not entirely out of context, but….)
He: “Yes…that would be cool. Though the office really is cool you know”
She: “Hmm….I wonder where my white shorts are!”

Now, all of us in the room are slightly baffled! While we exchange concerned looks, she says:
“Oh ma….I really got to go. I am talking with this ear-piece on, that no-one can see, and everyone thinks I am nuts!”

THAT explains it!! Oh..for the love of technology!


7 thoughts on “Dear dear Technology”

  1. LOL* Ha Ha Ha…A really good one..I have often noticed people gesturing inside their cars while driving, cringing at the thought that I might have done something, before realising that they are talking to someone else..:-)

  2. hee hee … once i was in an elevator with a person who happened to be talking on a hands free … somehow it was looking awkward 🙂 looks like you are talking to urself 🙂 🙂 nice blog!

  3. Saumya, I just saw a similar situation today at my work. In the break room, where theres a group talking/laughing about something and theres this other person, who from outside looked like talking to the group, but actually he was on the handsfree phone talking in spanish.
    Btw, nicely written!

  4. It would have been even more interesting if the rest of group was talking in Spanish too 🙂

    I’ve had survivor and archana situations before, and it always brings a smile when I find out what is going on!

  5. I have been in that situation countless # of times!!! People have looked @ me weirdly since I sing while I drive (-:

    So…… me’s elicited frowns, surprises, nods, ignorance and other singing nitwits like yours truly (-:

    I associate with Poor Ms.White Shorts!

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