Not Lazy!

I saw the following placard stuck on a shopping cart of one of the numerous homeless folks in the city.

Location: Posh newly re-constructed Pier 14, San Francisco

No Drugs!
No Alcohol!
Money used for food only!!
Not lazy !!!

Now, that was an absolutely ingenuous thing to do. It got me thinking about how interesting it would be to work out the returns of this homeless person, versus the returns of the other homeless people using numerous innane placards. This could give us a feel of whether people genuinely trust or whether the stereotypes of homeless, drunk and sloshed people takes over.

As I was passing this cart, I could not but help look for the self-proclaimed “Not Lazy” owner.

I found him fast asleep using the cart to shield him from the direct glare of the sunlight!

PS: I guess a post-lunch siesta is excusable!!

7 thoughts on “Not Lazy!”

  1. Whether he was lying about everything else, he sure was “innovative”. Also he had a sense of humor.. 🙂 Maybe the likes of Google would hire him some day! 🙂
    And btw really an interesting find :-)!

  2. Saumya, you have that talent to look at things differently. Nice find, btw. Do any one pay them (or have you seen pay them ?)

  3. We all have a mental projection of us and we try to maintain that image as long as possible.It takes some big events or external forces to make us realize we vary from our own mental projection.

    My take is, this guy thinks he is NOT lazy (or he is just manipulative). And may be he is newbie homeless guy. After a while, he will realize and fallback to standard message

  4. Brainwaves: I see what you mean. In fact, he really may not be a lazy person, but the irony of the situation just hit me on the face 🙂

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