The tea vendor had tears in his eyes. His shop: the one he had christened “Kajol” after his favorite idol was closed, and he knew not when he would be allowed to reopen. He had poured his heart and soul into his tea-shop, and it had acquired quite a clientele from the neighbouring offices.

Apparently, it was found that a gangster, sought heavily by the Police department, had been observed drinking tea. Therefore, all tea shops were closed with immediate effect. Nobody drinks tea, gangster or otherwise, to deter future gangsters from refreshing themselves before their drastic deeds!

Does this fictional piece sound sort of far-fetched? This is the parallel I could think of when I heard the Indian Govt had banned all bloggers, because they believed some terrorists in the recent Mumbai blasts had used the blog media to communicate amongst themselves!

God help Policy makers!


8 thoughts on “Banned”

  1. Exactly my thoughts. Forget about primary education for children, I think our govt needs that the most! Of all the measures they should take to counter terrorism, blocking blog sites was the first that occured to them! God save India!

  2. I don’t knwo what you are complaining about.

    You do know that chai has caffeine and it makes terrorists alert?

  3. Just trying to play the devil’s advocate here…

    What if there is a good reason behind the seemingly stupid decision. I for one believe that Indian intelligence is pretty smart at tracking through these kind of terrorist plots….

  4. Mindframes….while I have great respect for the Indian police forces, I still think the Govt is ill-equipped to handle cyber-crime.

    I guess we have Dan Brown to thank for some knowledge on the kind of intelligence NSA sort of agencies gather. But, do you think we have any monitoring in place in India?

    This is probably a good time to get cracking, and instill a mechanism in place. But right now….

  5. Thats an interesting point. I think cyber-crime is a pretty difficult problem to solve. Even, here in US, having spent billions of dollars, folks dont have a good way to do data mining since the state-space is very large. But given the context, this is my guess.

    Assume that a group has to coordinate activities among their members dispersed in geographically distant locations, how would they do it? I think the medium is mainly restricted by phone, email or blog-sites. If you consider the state space, phone numbers are the most easily traceable, followed by emails and then followed by blog-sites. Cutting down the blog-sites might trigger the other mediums to be in use which might narrow down the options… I am probably betting too much on Indian intelligence…:)

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