Archana made me think. Now when you get an email stating your head will blow up in a thousand pieces if it is not forwarded to all your friends, I belong to the class of people who test the limits of the email, and co-erces my friends into collecting the shards of my fractured skull if that email were true, and promptly deletes it.

That said, I will say some things about myself only because it made me think. But please respect my opinion that I do not want to tag other folks.

! I admire creativity. Any job done with a flair of creativity gets a mental pat on the back from me. For the same reason, I love to read, dance and sing. I am…well was…..a Bharatnatyam dancer in my “hey-days” as I like to call it (Said with a jaunty look and a look of the glazed one looking fondly upon their past with a nostalgic tinge.) As for the singing, I am very creative with lyrics, and have found on several occasions that the latest Tamil movie songs have my lyrics in them. I should be a little more guarded while singing in public I guess. Too many copyright violations of late (Kunju kutty – dam-pu-chik, pattu kutty dam-pu-chik. Amma kutty – thanga laalee! My daughter loves these songs of mine, and looks like Kollywood is lapping it up too!)

@ My folks tell me I am very determined (Well… their words are not exactly these, but I am an optimistic soul, and so “determined” I am!)

# I reminisce about pleasant memories, and thank my stars for the wonderful life I have (family and friends) I adore to spend time with my family and friends.

$ I am passionate about anything I take up, and from there stems point (@) I guess.

% Travelling is great fun, and I have my father to thank for making me love people and places. Every school holiday, off we went gallivanting around the country. I see now that he really did think it an important aspect of education, and therefore, did not hesitate to spend for vacations. I can think back about every vacation we had (well almost all – if you discount those we went when I was too young to remember)

^ I was brought up in the beautiful Nilgiris with bountiful nature for company. My parents were both teachers, and we grew up inside the school campus. The most beautiful place I have ever seen. It is a tiny place (the School nestles in 800 acres of its own land), and every vacation was spent in adventure trips exploring the hillsides! College in Coimbatore, and thereafter the software industry it is for me. I now work as an analyst in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

& I love to learn new things, and believe that the more you learn, the more exciting life becomes.

* I detest hypocrisy. So when I look at hypocrites, I play the fun game of guessing their actual thoughts, and then process their thoughts through a very defective prism, and imagine how distorted the image must be in order for them to say what they did. So, if I were to hear about the great beauty of a garbage can, I spend precious moments trying to figure out the various adverbs they might have used…and well…you get the drift!

( I was hoping that use of the special symbols would make it easier to say 9 things about me. Seriously, it is not helping! It really is too much to say 9 things about yourself!

Now that I have shed the burden of responding to the tag behind me, I shall continue on with my posts without procrastinating!

The author lives in California with her husband and 2-year old, both of whom she loves way beyond words can say.

4 thoughts on “Tag-Phew!”

  1. Tag-phew! I almost gave up that you would tag :-D. Thank God you did! Not that I am much of a fan of tags either, but just wanted to read all those details about you :-).

    So you are passionate and determined and creative! Vow, I completely adore you now :-).

    Take care.

  2. Oh tagging is a concept where people tag you, and you have to respond. So, it is sort of like a mail that you get imploring you to forward to 8 other people etc.

    The intent is to get to know fellow bloggers more, since most bloggers don’t know much about the person whose blog they are reading.

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