Football Shoes

I may have to acknowledge my brother-in-law’s prophetic powers here. Last year, during their visit to the US, I had blogged a post called ‘Children of Heaven’. The blog drew attention to the shoes my nephew purchased. They were football shoes for heaven’s sake. Of course, we all tried rationalising with him that football shoes may never be used by him. He enlisted my brother-in-law’s support and got himself Nike football shoes.

A whole year has lapsed since. Here is what my sister had to report from Dubai:

You know Siddarth is not ‘into cricket’ these days ‘coz it stinks’! The ‘cool dudes’ are ‘more into football these days’ ! I think the ‘these days’ started soon after the World Cup…the Ronaldo…Ronaldino types started with all those appalling hair styles. Siddarth only wears sleeveless T-shirts nowadays to show off his ‘biceps’ and he eats every meal only for his ‘biceps’!!!

Yesterday, he was making lists in every scrap of paper in the house….he called it ‘Team Planning’. There were phone calls being made and received from all the ‘dudes’ the whole afternoon and heated discussions were on. I usually do my best to ignore all this unless it gets out of hand and I find it difficult to live in the house..! Then I called and enquired…all hell had broken loose!

Here is the narrative :
Siddu : Amma,you know Pranith? Okay…he is the football hunk of our class and he was the captain of our team!
Me : What ‘team’ are you talking about? I thought athletics practice is going on in school now for the Sports Day?
Siddu : Yeah…that’s going on, Maaa- that’s the first thing we do every morning before class! These are football matches…are you going to listen to me?
Me : Oh…I will listen…go on.
Siddu : Can you believe what Pranith did yesterday? Something real daft!! He went and scored a goal for the opposite team!! He actually ‘sent the ball into the goalpost for 6B’ !! Isn’t that real dumb?
Me : Yeah…I guess it is quite dumb!!! So what happened?
Siddu : The whole team said ‘ Down Down Pranith’ and pooed him out of being the captain! Dumb Pranith!
Me : Ummmm….then…
Siddu : Usually whichever dude is the VC ( Vice Captain!!) gets to be the captain,right??
Me : Yeah right.
Siddu : This silly dude is Pranith’s pal and turned the post down! So all the guys voted me to be the Captain! So the great Siddarth is the Captain of 6A!!!!
Me : Oh! Good. That’s why you are so busy, is it?
Siddu : Yeah…I need to plan the team before tomorrow’s match, right! The Centre Forward,Mid Forward the Defender, Goal Keeper…do you know all this at all??
Me : No da…I don’t know much about football!Siddu : You are such a bore, maa! One day when I have time…I will teach you!
Me : BTW, Siddu when is the match?
Siddu : Everyday,Maa..we play 6B every day during the break!
Me : Oh…who conducts these matches?
Siddu : Us! But ‘football sir’ gave us a ‘thums up’ so that the school team gets stronger!

She then reports that this whole match thing is the break time play of these dumsies, and that there is a big gang mafia going on in the break time!

I wish I were around to see some of these “matches”!


3 thoughts on “Football Shoes”

  1. I remember reading this a year back and still makes me laugh. And your sis has great writing skills too. You should invite her as guest writer now and then 🙂

  2. We had cricket matches, during our lunches. Reminded me those days. Cricket can never be boring.. (With a thennaimattai and a rubber-ball, and three lines on the wall as stumps!)

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