Crusades: Imagination Vs Imagination

Eyes large as saucers, voices as vehement as can get, we demanded:

“Who/What gives them the right to throw out processed, dry foods, and that too at Bangalore airport?”

The group, gathered around a table with sumptuous food, demanded between tasty mouthfuls. It was actually quite an effort to sound affronted when every movement sent a divine taste surging through the tongue. But, we are all known to be a determined lot, and piqued we were.

The topic under discussion was that one of my aunts was forced to leave behind much of her belongings at Bangalore airport. The “sambhar podi“, and the various dried powders that can be mixed with boiled rice were all thrown out, we were told by our every chagrined parents. They had heard the news from one of their neices, who must have sounded quite convincing, because it actually prevented them from carrying too many things. We discussed the possible causes, criteria used by the airport authorities in such cases, and sounded rightfully indignant about the whole process.

Later that afternoon we placed a call to the aforesaid aunt, and tried to learn the magnitude of her losses. Come to think of it, my mother started out on quite an apologetic note while asking about it. She explained that she had a tube of Bengay in her hand-carry by mistake, and was forced to throw that out in Frankfurt airport. That apart, some other food packets of hers, were placed in check-in baggage, instead of the hand-baggage. That was all there was to the whole story!

I cannot imagine how many rounds this story must have made, before reaching my parents in its current shape! Every story-teller tied their own ribbons and balloons to the story. Soon the story took its current form:

A monstrous team was out on a vicious rampage at Bangalore airport, stripping legitimate travellers of their chutney mixes, and filter coffee.

I can’t help remembering the cartoon we used to see on Doordarshan about the balloon that burst in a house. Soon, the story takes on epic proportions before police arrive on the scene fearing a violent gunshot crime-scene, only to find a disappointed little girl, looking quite sullen because her balloon burst!

I am now seriously wondering the basis on which religious wars are fought. Most of our religious books were passed down through generations by word of mouth before getting penned as books. So, we use the combined imaginations of centuries to take offense against another form moulded by centuries of … imagination!


3 thoughts on “Crusades: Imagination Vs Imagination”

  1. He he he … was a good one. I know how a poor innocent piece of information becomes a big fat balloon by people’s mirch masala :-). All we need is a moment to vent our feelings 😀 and then if truth gets distorted who cares.

  2. In Dubai the topic of discussion among frequent travellers is the baggage allowance on the airline! Sometimes if the flight is slightly empty or the check-in clerk is in a nice mood, he allows some excess baggage,else they politely ask you to pay the baggage allowance. I would say that is quite fair considering they allow about 40 kgs per head and with a couple travelling that adds up to 80 Kgs!! Not what the parents think since they usually travelled by Indian Railways where you can actually pack in your whole house and get away with the authorities!!!

    I have heard arguments like ‘Who are they to tell me how much I can take?’ and ‘ They take so much money for the ticket and don’t allow us to carry the baggage we want’ !!!!Investigate the baggage and you’ll find nothing worth a twopence!!!!

  3. So true Jayashree. Last time, they wanted to dismantle a lamp that I set out in the garbage – take it home, and have our electrician rewire it, buy a converter to change it to 220V, and then use it. I’d paid 10 bucks for that lamp, and it lasted me for half a decade before calling it quits!

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