Beautiful Girl Weds Naughty Boy

Beautiful Girl Weds Naughty Boy

The headline screamed in the fertile districts of Trichy and Thanjavur as a wedding took place between the Beautiful Girl & the Naughty Boy. In what has been termed a Made-for-each-other match, the beautiful girl and the naughty boy have remain wedded to each other for over 36 years. The Naughty boy still retains his boyish charm while playing peekaboo with the beautiful girl who stole his heart eons ago.

To those wondering about the context of the post: here is some light.

My father, being the fun-loving guy, was given the title of “Naughty Boy” this morning. At about the same time that he was gloating about his new title, my daughter proclaimed that my mother is a “Beautiful Girl“. And that is the story of love between the Naughty boy & the Beautiful girl. My daughter loves playing peekaboo with her grand-parents. So, now I envision them youngsters (chinnan jirusugal) playing Peekaboo at home. It is the beautiful girl’s job responsibility to tag the little minx along, while looking for the naughty boy in hiding.

After all these years – a headline that resounds true!

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Girl Weds Naughty Boy”

  1. We need to talk to your daughter- first she calls my father ‘madacha thaatha’ and now she calls him ‘ naughty boy’….please remind her she has to multiply her age by 26.4 to arrive at her grandfather’s age…….

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good one. Am sure the grandparents must be really happy. ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers to the couple!

    I am also interested in knowing if your daughter has titles yet for her mom and dad as well :-).

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