An Inconvenient Truth

I am not a huge fan of movies. Every once in a while, a movie comes along, that brings about the following conversation in our household:

Man of the house: Saumya…..I’ve played the movie. Could you come and watch it?
Self: I can see it from the kitchen, while I am loading the dishwasher.
The titles start, and the man of the house glimpses in my direction, and he cannot even see me, so, how could I be watching a movie?: Can you come here now?
Unfazed, I reply that I can hear the conversation while wiping the floor.
Man of the house: GRRRRRRRRRR….No, this time you are coming here and watching it properly.
Self: What’s the BIG Deal??? I don’t enjoy movies as much as you do – so you go ahead, I’ll join you in a moment.
10 minutes later, the tone hints on exasperation: For heaven’s sake, come here, and watch the movie.
Self: Okay, okay…am almost done. I just have to <insert 6 totally unrelated, mundane task list here>

It is at this point in the proceedings when you can see a grown man pull a grown woman from the kitchen, and switch off the kitchen light. The grown man then follows aforementioned grown woman closely to ensure no u-turns are taken, and plays the movie. Usually, I sulk for the first few minutes before getting immersed in the movie. Invariably, I end the movie by thanking him for making me watch the movie. You see, my husband undertakes great pains to select movies I like and am sure to enjoy. I really appreciate that – I really do! He not only knows my taste, he actually makes me enjoy my life.

After scene above was enacted successfully on Friday night, we sat down to watch Al Gore’s documentary: An Inconvenient Truth.

Let me just say this: my thought process has been altered. I don’t think I see the world with the same eyes anymore. To those of you who have not yet seen this movie, please do so as soon as possible.

We owe it to ourselves, and our children.


7 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth”

  1. My room was so frigid yesterday. Hey global warming, why do you warm my room a lil bit? huh?

    ok that was insensitive, but there are reasons for not believing in Global Warming because, usually when “experts” simplify things for the common-man, they tend to twist things (like HIV infection rate). I would personally read some research papers before I understand the problem rather than taking this from a loser politician desperately trying a face saving retirement.

  2. the kid: Usually research papers tend to drown one in statistics, and rarely bring to light the consequences in plain language. Especially, with a phenomenon like global warming, there are so many research papers and consequences, it is hard to tie them altogether.

    This is what the movie does. The movie ties all the separate pieces into a coherent whole, and hits home the point.

  3. @Kid,
    I agree in principle with your idea of verifying things on our own.

    But again, there are so many things in world which cannot be researched by individuals and getting view points from different sources makes us come to some conclusion. For ex: how much research we did before concluding smoking causes lung cancer.

    After listening to this documentary, he doesn’t come out as “loser politician” but more like a “should be” president (Ok.. ok… I agree have Democratic bias 🙂 )

    On a serious note, motivation to create doubt about global warming is higher than motivation to spread the fear of global warming.
    It sounds logical and I agree they intentionally made is sound scarier.

  4. I agree with Sriks… there are only so many things one can research from source, for the rest we need predigested information. Yes, since its predigested we do take it with a pinch of salt- we do listen to different predigested information that presents opposing viewpoints. Personally I feel the evidence is more compelling than ever before…

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