Lady Prudence & I

I looked in the mirror, and spotted two strands of white hair this morning. I know I have always had one strand that grows out of the same spot in my scalp with bull-headed determination, no matter how hard I try to uproot it, but the second one was new.

Now wait a minute…..wait a minute!

I was supposed to be wise by the time the gray hairs came! I have always wondered how the hair would know when I became wise enough for the colour change to start. Now, I see that the hairs just give you some time, and hope Lady Prudence has taken her turn and shone her brilliant rays on you. If you were goofing around while it happened, well…sad luck!
Assuming Lady Prudence follows a round robin style to make fellas wise, I would have to wait around with graying hair to get wise. All this while folks around me can look at my graying coconut, and assume I am wise.

Hmm….now, that’s sounds enticing. I could offer a ton of advice that sounds more convincing than it really is, thanks to my “wise look”. There is one problem – I need to get friendly with some younger dudes/dudettes who are willing to take my advice. Teenagers are out, since they don’t listen to advice. I am quite young myself, so I would have to target my advice at audience aged > 19 and younger than me.

For those of you who have read this post probably know, that even if Lady Prudence scorches me with her rays, there is no way I am getting any the wiser. So, I shall live in harmony with self, few white hairs and a song on my lips!

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2 thoughts on “Lady Prudence & I”

  1. This post is hilarious! ha ha!

    Do you actually search for gray hair everyday ?

    btw, I am still a kid and I always listen to advice from the wise and the elderly 🙂


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