I am stuffed with food.
I am stuffed with good food.
I am stuffed with good Chinese food.
I am stuffed with good Chinese food that I did not order.

Every so often you find yourself in a place where it is not possible to form an opinion. The feeling where you rack your brains, and you get no vibe! It was into one such place that my friend and I peeked into for lunch. We were handed a menu that has seen better days in the past, and engaged in our banter, before being approached by the owner.

We asked him for vegetable soup. He nodded his head, and asked us whether we were both vegetarians. I affirmed with a nod of my coconut. He touched his hand to his heart, and said he would take care of our lunch for us, and disappeared without a squeak.

I was wondering what he would send for us, since he had not asked us about our preferences – spicy, sweet, mild. Do we like tofu, broccoli? Nothing – nope – not a whiff.

We idled a little more, before some heavenly soup came alongside an appetizer (I don’t know the names of the dishes I ate, because the owner sent us something that wasn’t even on the menu) Soon, an entree consisting of vegetables arrived too.

I must say, this was a very different kind of hospitality, and one lunch I enjoyed. The company was great, and so was the food!

4 thoughts on “Stuffed”

  1. Vow what is this place … most of the times I have to explain the meaning of veggie and then get some real crap to eat … they almost look at you as you are not human…when you say you are a veggie … 🙂

  2. That is one good service !! I have usually observed that the quality of service is proportional to the number of people already dining at the restaurant and the time of the day. When the restaurant is not very crowded or if it is off time, the service gets much better… If that’s not the case, then, kudos to that wonderful place !

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