His and Her Closets

I walked into the house, and surveyed the surroundings. I was out looking for a house that would satisfy my desires of a dream home. The living room was large, with a minor raised level constituting the family room where the family could have their meals. The kitchen needed some upgrades, but roomy and airy! I stepped into a pretty large room that was ridden with cobwebs.

“Is this a walk-in closet”, I asked?

My realtor nodded, while the old lady, who lived in the home, looked at me quizzically and decided to ignore my question. We stepped into another bare room, and I exclaimed :

“WOW! A HIS and HER closet. This is lovely!”

The old lady, who now bore an uncanny resemblance to my grand-mother, looked at me like only a grandmother can look at a grand-child, and said she has around 10 sarees that she folds and keeps in her steel gray trunk. The first room was used to store the bags of rice after a harvest, and the smaller room was for storing maize. Why did she need such large rooms for clothes?!

At which point I burst out laughing, and got up from my sleep. I kept thinking about paati’s face and smiled to myself!

The day is not far-off when folks walk into village houses in Singaperumal Kovil (a tiny village near Chengalpet) with similar comparisons, since Chengalpet has now opened up to IT firms!


2 thoughts on “His and Her Closets”

  1. Very funny and interesting dream. Are you really looking out for houses though or is that also a desire evoked in the dream? 🙂 I know I am dying to shift into a house where I can find sufficient place to keep my clothes. I think the idea of a walk in closet is a brilliant one! I would also want a dressing room with one wall sized mirror :-).

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