We are out couch shopping. Suddenly, we look at all the mails for furniture deals without taking them directly to the waste bin without a glance.

We found this store with banners in BOLD RED all over the city. The store is closing NOW, the placards proclaimed. So, we went to the place with the lure of finding a good deal.

Everything must go!!Owner Lost Lease. EMERGENCY LIQUIDATION SALE!!

You would think the store owners have to purchase their air tickets only after selling their merchandise, and leave the country by this evening.

We were unsure, but stepped in anyway. The store was full of furniture – a large store with all varieties of furniture – dressers, beds, children’s beds, tables, corner pieces – everything except couches of course. So, after the first glance, the stroll through the store turned recreational. Ominous signs of liquidation loomed large over our heads wherever you turned. I walked through, wondering if the store had a particular table in Cherry wood finish, since the display model looked dull.

This is where it starts getting entertaining. There was a helpful shelf with all the available wood colors they have. And the note on the shelf was even more helpful. It added, that if I didn’t find what I liked, all I had to do was tell the owner, and he would order the color for me.

Maybe, my inventory management knowledge base were rusty. I always thought that if you are closing IMMEDIATELY, you aim at reducing inventory, not ordering more to satisfy new customers. So, if they were willing to order new furniture, while holding his existing furniture inventory, what were all the EMERGENCY LIQUIDATION signs doing all over the place?

PS: This month had a lot going on, and blogging took a back-seat. So, I am back with 2 posts in a row today. I sure missed my blogger!


  1. Ya. What’s up with these people who advertize “sale” in astonishingly big dimensions. There are always a thousand conditions that only come up when you decide to buy a piece, I dont know if you’ve seen that Chase ad of the guy who kills the dragon and the King offers him a thank you instead of rewarding him. I love that ad!

  2. I’ve seen ‘Sale’, ‘Clearance Sale’, ‘Special clearance sale’, ‘Spring sale’, ‘Tuesday sale’ and tons of ‘Store closing sale’ boards. Now….this seems to be the latest trend! I am joking Archana when I say that the guy has boards all over the city stating he is quitting now! Of course, I’ve been seeing it around for a few months now!

  3. Oh archana…..I meant I was NOT joking when I say that the guy has boards all over the city stating he is quitting now!

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