This is about the terrible accident that collapsed the Mc Arthur intersection. An accident is an accident, and probably has no reasons, but still I can’t help thinking:

If the accident was caused by over-speeding on the curve, what was the driver thinking? So, the truck toppled over, the driver got out, ran to a gasoline bunk, called in a taxi, and then left to the hospital. At what point did the truck explode bringing down a maze of freeways with it? It is remarkable that no one died. As soon as it toppled, he probably knew the truck would explode. But still getting out of the truck and running on the freeway seems to be a humongous effort. How could a fire like that be put out?

If he was simply testing the limits of the trucks strength on curves, couldn’t he have chosen an exit where the curves are sometimes much more than the Mc Arthur. Why on the busiest intersections in Bay Area? I know the trucker’s conscience would be heavily relieved that nobody died, but still accidents such as these make me wonder how vulnerable the whole system is.

While driving back yesterday, I was in the car, when I saw 2 idiots in pick-up trucks racing each other. I call them idiots because those 2 had absolutely no regard to the hazards they were causing to the others on the roads. Weaving in and out of lanes at break-neck speeds. If something happens to them, at least they knew what were doing. But when an accident occurs, it seldom hurts only those who are knowingly erring. In spite of such a huge wake-up call on speeding in the morning, that every evening there are folks who do it – well….find a word for them will you?

4 thoughts on “Speeding:”

  1. The truck apparently burst into flames at the moment of impact. The driver was badly burnt pretty soon.

    He walked a mile with 2nd degree burns – no one stopped to help him until he found a cab guy who drove him 10 mins to the hospital.

    It is a miracle the guy lived after 2nd degree burns. It is a miracle he walked a mile.

  2. You know, most us do speeding sometime or the other but guess most of us know the limits. I speed when there is nothing on the road to be seen ahead or behind of me. And of course, by speeding I mean driving 5-10 miles more than the speed limits on highways. I am amazed when people specially speed up to the vehicle right ahead of them and we can see right there that if the guy ahead breaks even very lightly the guy behind would bump into the leading car. Of course, these people are irresponsible. They think its all about they daring and having fun! Why cant they just go participate in a racing car rally and leave us to our destinies!

  3. Totally agree with you Archana – that’s what drag racing alleys are for – do what you please without hurting others.

    Some people never learn. I’ve seen some people talk like as though driving safely is a sin, and pride themselves on being reckless drivers – Every time I encounter these folks, I feel like giving a lecture, and of course, do so most of the time.

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