Privacy ?!

It is time for me to talk about it. I have tried to keep my silence, and wander on with the vague uncomfortable feeling. Slowly, the vaguely uncomfortable turns to slightly disconcerting, and then takes on a mildly put-offish, and soon reaches a point where it bothers me enough to blog about it. I feel so strongly about it. It never lets me feel otherwise. Everyday, every few hours, there it is to remind me of the sweet freedoms that I have almost forgotten. The sanctity of the experience seems lost forever with these designs. The joy of the cleanliness factor is nullified by the ‘lack of closure’ factor.

Yes…I am talking about the restrooms. Why have them conceal only a portion of the cubicle? Why expose a portion of your leg during the process? There you are blissfully releasing the pent-up “stuff” when you are suddenly aware of another presence because you can see their feet. Worse yet is when these folks actually recognize you by your footwear and holler at you through the cubicle walls?

What does it take for a little extra privacy?!

3 thoughts on “Privacy ?!”

  1. Hee hee I agree. And not just the shorter doors but also the gap all along the length of the door which is wide enough for peek-a-boo. The door seems almost an unnecessary expenditure in those cases.

  2. Next time if someone greets you while you are inside.. just tell them, “I wud like to have that meeting, as soon as Im done.. Just dont go.. I will be right out..”

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