San Francisco has a lovely chain of eateries that cough up amazing sandwiches. It is called Specialty’s Cafe. Yesterday, I took my sumptuous bite into one of them, and guess what I found – a tiny dhania seed.

Nothing surprising – just was intrigued to see dhania seeds used in any other type of cuisine – especially American. Right enough, I wiki-ed it, and found that dhania seeds are not usually used in European (except in Portigal) and American cooking. Well…..what can I say other than I love the flavour of coriander and its seeds, and relished on!

I love playing the game of guessing the ingredients in a restaurant when I am eating my favorite dishes, and wonder every now and then as to how many people do that.

3 thoughts on “Dhania…”

  1. Guess what, a Speciality’s Cafe was recently opened right across my office in the South Bay :-)! You are right – their sandwiches are usually awesome though I like their soups even more! I do try to guess the ingredients especially when it tastes different from the usual.

    p.s. I love the taste of dhania seeds too. Gobi parathas with dhania seeds in them taste out of the this world :-)!

  2. Oh…I haven’t tried their soups yet. Must do that.

    There is a place called SF soup company here that has mazing soups – it is there is SF airport too. If you haven’t tried it, next time when you take off on a trip try it 🙂

  3. Interestingly, most of the avid cooks I have met until now love to guess what is there in a recipe especially when it is a restaurant.

    Some of the people I know also have an amazing way of getting the same exact result at home after they have been through their guessing game 🙂

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