Sleep Clubs

I admire people belonging to the other club, solely because I know I don’t have a chance of ever belonging to that club. I may do the things the other club members do, but forever I shall pledge my allegiance to the my prized club – the club I really belong to!

This is the way I look at it. You can categorize people into the following categories:

(1) Those who like to get up early in the morning when the birds begin their chirping.
(2) Those who like the stillness of the night, and prefer to complete all their tasks before hitting the sack.
(3) Those who neither like staying up late to complete their tasks nor like getting up early to complete their tasks. In short, those who don’t care about completing their tasks.

* By task, I mean anything from working, studying to watching a movie/cleaning.

Everyday, I get up early, leave for work early etc. But I really feel like I only belong to (2). I love my hot cuppa when the sun has moved halfway across the sky, and the birds are active and the world is already busy. Gone are the school holidays when the cold and inclement weather just made the morning snuggle even more enticing.

Ahh….late morning sleep!

PS: How coincidental that 2 days after this post of mine V.Gangadhar writes about the exact same thing in the Hindu!

3 thoughts on “Sleep Clubs”

  1. I have been dying to belong to Club I for ages now. Incidentally over the years and I don’t know when and how, I slipped from I to II. And ever since then it has become an unachievable dream.

    I need to cross because I have observed that whenever I (by the grace of God) happen to have my eyes open early in the morning, and get a glimpse of the morn sunrise my day goes really well.

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