My daughter has been terribly excited about starting pre-school। She has been telling everybody who cares to hear that she is going to school. So, I took her to the school one day, just so she can see what she is getting so excited about.

For the first time I realised that my little girl has always been in a protected environment, and I was curious to see how she coped. I let her play with the other children. One girl came up to her, and declared she couldn’t play because she wasn’t enrolled. (Yes….I was shocked too. this statement coming from a 4-year old seemed too much!) My daughter went to another area and started playing. This time too, the older girl followed her and said the same thing. I kept away on purpose. This happened twice more. then my daughter quipped- “But I am also going to school।”

That was brave! I am sure my daughter will have lots of things to talk about, and tons of interesting stories to narrate. I hope she makes lots of friends and enjoys schooling.

6 thoughts on “Playgrounds”

  1. Your daughter is a spunky young ‘un! Am sure she will have a great time at school – good luck to both of you :-))!

    p.s. we need to meet up sometime. Are you going to the Indian Ocean concert by any chance?

  2. Which concert is this? I have not heard of it. I do know I will be coming for the Thillana concert in Sept. Could you make it for that?

    It will be nice to see you 🙂


  3. Hey that’s very sweet and smart at the same time coming from your little one! She is already defending herself, he he. 😀

  4. I had this funny feeling (anxiety probably?) when Saumya told me this first and I got the same feeling when I read this again.

    The feeling of letting your kid in real environment and face the world is tricky for first time parents.
    I know she will do well but still protective parenting is in the gene I guess.

  5. That is so nice to hear from a 4 year old. She will enjoy a lot of things at school. My daughter is going to be 3, but she does not talk much in school, she compensates for it att home.

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