No one but J.K.Rowling…

My husband and I talk minimally these days. No, we are not having a row. We are on perfectly good terms.

I finished the 7th Harry Potter book and he hasn’t.

Given my abyssmal track record of keeping secrets, we have mutually agreed to not talk (about it) till he finishes. But talk about it till he finishes became difficult because he is curious, and asks leading questions and before I know it…another oops moment!

So, dear hubby and I love each other, and don’t talk to each other! No one but J.K.Rowling could have done that!

BTW, hubby dear, you do realise we get insecure if we aren’t exercising the jabbering old mouth – so before we become really insecure, READ THE BOOK!

PS: This is also my 100th post.

3 thoughts on “No one but J.K.Rowling…”

  1. Now we are talking through blog…I am pretty close..I am sure we are going to talk non-stop about Harry & his goons in a day or two.. 🙂

    Is Harry dead?
    Is Ron the killer?
    (I know Voldemart is dead!)
    Is Dumbledore really dead?
    Thousands questions…but they are already in you-know-where so I am guessing the ending is just 100+ pages away..

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  2. hey congratulations on your 100th post and this is hilarious :-). Seriously finish the last book off man! 😀

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