Suing God

Senator sues God. The news item states it is an attempt to show how frivolous the lawsuit culture is.

So, God is summoned to the witness stand, and you just feel a cool breeze. The judge is leaning towards declaring contempt of court for filaure to appear, and a huge voice thunders from above


Well….okay. Please take an oath in the name of God


The Bible

If it is on one of the books written on me, shouldn’t you bring all the titles: Geeta, Koran and anything remotely religious?

You have to swear on God

I am God…..what use would an oath on myself do?

You would die if you lie

I don’t live and I don’t die. I am God

Well… are you refusing to take the oath ??

At this point thunder strikes the courtroom, and God is held to task.

Did you make thunder?

Yes that was me spattering in exasperation.

And so it goes ..

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