The Shopping Cliche

I love shopping, and it is not one of my husband’s favourite activities.

When I say I love shopping, I am not an obsessive shopper, who shops 8 hours at a stretch, or demagnetizes the credit card with use. Every once in a while I love to stroll through the aisles, just looking at the interesting things out there, browsing if you may – but not necessarily online.

When something attracts my attention I alert the better half to take note. All I have to do is say is:
“Isn’t this nice”

I can reel the reminder of the conversation in my sleep:
“Yes, it is….Why don’t you buy it?” he quips.
“I only said it was nice, I never said I wanted to buy it!”
“Well, if you don’t want to buy it, why bother telling me?”
“Because I thought of sharing my obs.”

Oh well….I never learn, and he never learns. I may be generalising here, but when women shop and say something is nice, it is not always with the desire to acquire the article. There are times when the intention is to buy, but THAT, you can sense in the tone and eyes. (In such situations, regardless of what you say, we buy the article.)

Here is my theory with shopping: you have to browse around to see what you like enough to buy.
Here is my better half’s theory: you have to browse around only when you know you like something well enough to buy.

My question is: how do you know you like something enough to buy, unless you spend some time aimlessly looking around?


6 thoughts on “The Shopping Cliche”

  1. Nice new layout.

    But you are missing the point – men *know* what they want. It is one of those things we are inherently born with. [Incidentally, Charu and me have EXACTLY the same problem. We solved it elegantly. I baby sit at home one kid while she “shops” with the other].

    If men want to buy something, they walk straight to the aisle, pick what they want and move on [assuming it is not sold in amazon :D].


  2. Coincidentally I watched “Rules of Engagement” in TV yesterday.
    Here is the exerpt from it.

    Wife: That purple hat lady never says HI back to me (with sad expression). Why?
    Hus: Why do you care? (watching TV in parallel)
    Wife: People should have basic courtsey right?
    Hus: Okay. I will talk to her next time you meet
    Wife: No. You are missing the point. I don’t want you to solve my problems. I am just saying to vent it out

    Hus: You don’t take the car to mechanic with a problem and tell him not to fix it but give a hug!!

    Echoes of my laughing out loud was surely heard by my neighbors šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Anand for the layout compliment and for the suggestion about handling the shopping issue.

    since I only have one, srikris should babysit – [Evil Grin:]

  4. @brainwaves,
    I watched that episode too. And I really liked that particular scene…And in the following scene, in spite of knowing that his wife doesnot want to do anything, he asks the purple hat lady to show some basic courtesy… Well…Some people( or should I say men šŸ™‚ ) never learn, do they ??


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