Has anyone eaten Durian?

Durian: The King of Fruits

I spent the whole day with my nose puckered up to avoid the strong stench emanating from my neighbouring cubicle. To me the smell (or stench!) was over-bearing. A close enough description would be: When one takes heavy antibiotics, and also take B-complex tablets along with it, this stench seems to be there in one’s pee! In one word: unpleasant!

My colleagues told me it was Durian flavoured wafers that gave that smell. They tried hard to sell durian cookies to me – if you can just shut the smell out, and eat it, it will be lovely. One or to adventurous ones tried it, and endorsed their claims of it being very tasty. But my nose (I have had reason to comment on the length of my dear bulb on several occasions, so I shall refrain) is just too sharp for that sort of thing. I wiki-ed Durian, and found it looks like a jackfruit, and is supposed to taste great.

Interesting piece of info that I could not cross-verify anywhere: apparently eating durian in Thailand in Public is banned, though Thailand is a major exporter of Durian – all thanks to its distinctive odour!

If anyone does try Durian despite the smell, do let me know how it tastes.


7 thoughts on “Has anyone eaten Durian?”

  1. Hi..First timer here..The description of the smell made me laugh right thru..Unfotunately me too havnt tasted.nay not even smelt it..One should wait for a person to give the TASTE comments..

    Seasons Greetings And Wish you a Happy Pongal

  2. Thanks compassion.

    Anand: Finally, when I saw the durian building in wiki pages, I was thinking I had seen it somewhere – it was on your site!

  3. never heard of that fruit till it was mentioned last week. Again I never heard of Persimons till this season and yet LOVED IT .

    Durian may be the next season’s persimon πŸ™‚
    (Wife .. be aware..)

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