Pink nail polish is good for health

For those of you who wear nail polish, I would like you all to start wearing pink nail polish. There are rich health benefits to pink nail polish. To those of you who don’t wear nail polish, I suggest starting off with pink nail polish. All non-pink nail related problems could disappear, and your nails could once again come to the pink of your youth and prime.

Okay…Okay I am coming to the story. My daughter and I went strolling through the aisles aimlessly one rainy day. She walks up to the cosmetic section, and picks up pink nail polish. I asked her why she needs nail polish in the first place. Her face had a serious expression while she explains:

Amma, I need this pink nail polish because it is good for health!

Everytime I pick up vegetables, fruits or any produce, she asks me why. I explain that I am buying it because it is good for health. I guess she thought it was a use-it-for-all-occasions type of statement – sigh!


4 thoughts on “Pink nail polish is good for health”

  1. To add to that, in school they taught her Good choice (2 thumps up) and Bad choice (2 thumps down).

    All questions & answers have choice words in it these days…

    Amma, you can wear this dress or that dress. It is your CHOICE!!

  2. Oh dear, I could swear I never knew that a bottle of pink liquid was nail polish at her age!!!Her sister wants high-heeled slippers, she wants pink nail polish!!! to think that these kids have just started kinder garten!!!

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