A Celebration Of … 🌏

The afternoon was a mild, sunny one. Quite unusual for wintry January. The grass has turned green enough, the birds were chirping, and every now and then, the son and I stopped to admire a willow tree. How different each tree looks, and yet how soothing they all are together?  One doesn’t need a leap of … Continue reading “A Celebration Of … 🌏”

Good Morning Bilbo-Style

Why I was unable to sleep early last night, and got up like an excited cat this morning is beyond me. Usually, I sleep like a sloth that had an extra helping of eucalyptus for dessert: just leap into bed at the end of the day, read for a bit, and pop off. That extra … Continue reading “Good Morning Bilbo-Style”

Nature’s Shows

This article was published in The Hindu Open Page: The Art & Charm of Shoshin If anyone has spent time watching pebbles make ripples across ponds, they will know what I am talking about. If not, I encourage you to take on your person a couple of pebbles and hike up the high hills and … Continue reading “Nature’s Shows”

Unicorn or Werewolf, I am Grateful

The day leading up to Thanksgiving has been a beautiful, beautiful day indeed. I cannot say I was calm and collected when I got up to see the earth scented with the first rains of the season. Even with the weather channels setting our expectations and all that, it was simply marvelous. I am a … Continue reading “Unicorn or Werewolf, I am Grateful”

On The Ribbons of Wonder

The ‘Scenic Highway’ sign brings about an overwhelming goodness of heart; a promise of something worthwhile; a yearning for the treat ahead. Nuts? (Absolutely – especially near the symmetrically placed Almond plantations on Californian highways.) Cuckoo? (Of course! Who wouldn’t be to the musical trilling of the birds?) I poke my head out to inhale the … Continue reading “On The Ribbons of Wonder”

Drunk Koala Dreams

The tale below yanks one through time, hangs out with koalas on Eucalyptus branches and yearns for hibernation like the grizzly bears do. Bear with me: I hope it is a tale worth your time. Modern living can be fast. Cars zip down freeways, flights jet down runways, and people charge down escalators. We were … Continue reading “Drunk Koala Dreams”

The Physics Of Myth

“Which is your favorite tree?” asked the children one day. I am often asked questions like this, especially by the elementary school going son. Your favorite color, your favorite food, your favorite flower and on and on till I shriek in agony, at which point he flips to – when was the first time you … Continue reading “The Physics Of Myth”

Another World

We are back from what can only be termed an exotic vacation by the seaside, and the old brain nudged me to look for something written on marine life a while ago, and I did. I had written this post a few months ago, and forgot to publish it. So, here is the old post … Continue reading “Another World”

Weaving The Sequins Of Time

This article was published in The India Currents magazine dated 17th Feb 2018: The Magic We Miss Every Night Taking a drive up the mountains is always a nostalgic experience for me. Regular readers know I grew up in a small village nestled in the mountainside and every time I spot a pine cone or take … Continue reading “Weaving The Sequins Of Time”

Lessons From The Little Blue Train

The Article below also appeared in The Hindu in the Open Page on May 10th: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/looking-back-at-a-little-blue-train/article8576823.ece#comments My mother ran downhill through a steep slope in order to catch her little blue train to get to school, where she taught, everyday. We lived in a small place nestled in the Nilgiri Hills, where everybody knew everybody else … Continue reading “Lessons From The Little Blue Train”