Good Morning Bilbo-Style

Why I was unable to sleep early last night, and got up like an excited cat this morning is beyond me. Usually, I sleep like a sloth that had an extra helping of eucalyptus for dessert: just leap into bed at the end of the day, read for a bit, and pop off. That extra … Continue reading “Good Morning Bilbo-Style”

The Gingko Trees šŸŒ³

“Did you know about the Gingko trees?” I said, knowing fully well the reaction it would elicit from the daughter. “Oh Please! There is no need to tell everyone you meet about the Gingko trees you know?” she said. “But there is! Maybe I will write about it.” I said. The gingko trees have given … Continue reading “The Gingko Trees šŸŒ³”

Moonbeams in the Morning

The morning alarm trinkled: Dawn’s misty summons. I got up, wondering why the nights passed so quickly, hoping for a little more precious sleep in the mornings. I stepped out of my bed and gingerly peeked out the window. Dawn was doing the same thing – trying to sleep in a little more, while the … Continue reading “Moonbeams in the Morning”

Running like Elephants

“Guys! Let’s hurry up a little. I like how we are dawdling, but the school bell waits for no ships to sail across the seas! ” I said. There had been a mild spattering of rain across the dry summer season. A few snails had popped out to enjoy the moist, and the son and … Continue reading “Running like Elephants”

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Horse

The husband was wearing a red t-shirt that had Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing on it, that said,Ā Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication. He was particularly fond of the t-shirt, especially as he was reading the biography of the great man. “Be like Leonardo Da Vinci guys. Be simple and eh… persistent.”, I said. “Oh! I don’t … Continue reading “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Horse”

Music & Gardens

It is always a delight to pick up a set of essays written by prolific writersĀ  who are also curious intellectuals. These authors make me feel like I am reading the perspective of polymaths, and that in itself makes for a wondrous experience. The latest book that had me thinking and reading about things I … Continue reading “Music & Gardens”

The Moon Periodically Enchants Us

It was only fitting that the full lunar eclipse of Wednesday was best visible from the little cosmologistā€™s room window. I walked into the sonā€™s room to wish him good night. There he was, lying down on his tummy in his pajamas, his face cupped in both his hands staring at the periodic table poster … Continue reading “The Moon Periodically Enchants Us”

The Covid Vaccine

We rolled into the expansive grounds to receive the Covid vaccine. Everything shone with efficiency starting from the way our appointments were scheduled. It always astounds me when I see undertakings as large as this. Any public health initiatives are amazing in their scope and ability, and I was in awe. Like a child at … Continue reading “The Covid Vaccine”

Love and Rainbows

“By the way, how is Valentine’s Day this year for you kids?” I asked. This year, with Covid, Valentineā€™s day celebrations seemed to be muted too. Valentineā€™s Day in elementary school can be fun. Though I will carry on and on about the commercialization of love etc, I do love the way the occasion has … Continue reading “Love and Rainbows”