Turmeric Magic

I felt a surge of amusement when I made cauliflower last time. The grocery lists needed love, and the results were showing. β€œYay Cauliflower!” yipped the young son, beaming like the early rising golden moon at this wonderful treat. Moments later, the moon face drifted under the clouds and his face looked disappointed as he … Continue reading “Turmeric Magic”

How the Library (Not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel

When the Covid lockdowns started, many folks went on a buying spree (we all know the toilet paper jokes). Ever the dutiful one, off I went too. I was feeling rather pleased with myself when I got an extra bag of rice, and headed onto the library (to get books to tide us over during … Continue reading “How the Library (Not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel”

Qi to the Yin & Yang

Fact and Fiction were swirling and creating waves and patterns inside the old eggshell. Harry Potter – A History of Magic was entertaining in ways I did not quite expect. Regular readers and friends know how much I love the Harry Potter series. The sheer brilliance and richness of the world, and the marvelous ways … Continue reading “Qi to the Yin & Yang”

πŸ’¦ 🌳 Earth 🌏 Magicians πŸ’₯❄️

Magic was in the air. The afternoon sun was shining with an intensity that surprises us every summer. The high temperatures should really not surprise us anymore, but we still scuttle inside in the afternoon sun and wonder how it got to be so hot so soon. Inside the home, we were grateful for the … Continue reading “πŸ’¦ 🌳 Earth 🌏 Magicians πŸ’₯❄️”

In Pursuit of the Truth

β€œHave you seen this video? β€œ, said the husband for the n-th time. He definitely sounded like a child in Disneyland glimpsing Tinker Bell, and I looked up indulgently. His face was glowing as though he was discovering Calculus for the first time. I could understand his enthusiasm – the 3Blue1Brown videos are well explained, … Continue reading “In Pursuit of the Truth”

Teachable Moments

I was telling the husband casually about a friend of mine. “She is thinking of taking up primary school teaching.” “Huh?! Really?” said the son, his ears twiddling, for the news interested him. He loved this particular aunt. “Well – maybe I should tell her the best grades to teach then!” said he. “What do … Continue reading “Teachable Moments”

Moments of Love & Power

Half a decade has passed in a heartbeat, yet I can hear the clear voice of the then elementary school going daughter ringing out in the aisles of the toy store : β€œOh! That isn’t sexist at all!” I laughed, the proud, indulgent laugh of a strong girl’s mother, even as I hushed her. We … Continue reading “Moments of Love & Power”

Unicorn or Werewolf, I am Grateful

The day leading up to Thanksgiving has been a beautiful, beautiful day indeed. I cannot say I was calm and collected when I got up to see the earth scented with the first rains of the season. Even with the weather channels setting our expectations and all that, it was simply marvelous. I am a … Continue reading “Unicorn or Werewolf, I am Grateful”


The husband had an amused expression on his face as he walked into the kitchen and saw me reading while making dinner. His eyes were set to roll, and his lips had already started on the journey to upward curvature that results in an indulgent smile. I told him so. β€œYour neurons, it seems, are … Continue reading “Cephalopods”

Another World

We are back from what can only be termed an exotic vacation by the seaside, and the old brain nudged me to look for something written on marine life a while ago, and I did. I had written this post a few months ago, and forgot to publish it. So, here is the old post … Continue reading “Another World”