Is This Bohemian Chic?

We have been gallivanting across Boston and New York the past few days.  I remember reading a children’s book a long time ago about the country mouse who came to visit his cousin who lived in the town. Not surprisingly, I commiserated with the little country mouse who was dazzled and sprazzled by the city.  … Continue reading “Is This Bohemian Chic?”

Mothers and Calves

During the few months of spring and early summer, the bay area resembles fairy land itself. The mustards are blooming alongside the lupines and golden poppies forming a profusion of yellows, violets and oranges against the lush green backdrop of the grassy hills. As I made my way through the green hills with my friends, … Continue reading “Mothers and Calves”

Eye of the Pumpkin

“What?! Dancing in the kitchen?!”, said the son smiling his dignified smile of indulgence. “I haven’t seen you this happy for a long, long time!”     “Yes! I am dancing young man! You dance in the kitchen when you have a dignified President! You dance when a woman’s ambition is finally rewarded. You dance … Continue reading “Eye of the Pumpkin”

Published Articles

Some of my articles have been published in leading journals, newspapers and magazines. Author Profiles: The Hindu The Currents Magazine The San Francisco Chronicle The Times of Amma Nature Writing The Who Am I? page pretty well captures the flux of ideas in my brain. The Published eBooks page captures a little of  What I … Continue reading “Published Articles”


“There is some Tea in school, and everyone is acting really weird!” said the daughter announcing her entry into the house a couple of years ago, dumping her school bag where it must not be dumped. “Oh – did you have some? Did you like it?” I said a trifle too eagerly. I am a … Continue reading “Tea!”

Oh Rapturous Spring!

A Version of this post was published in The India Currents Magazine : Oh Rapturous Spring! There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter. Rachel Carson: A Sense of Wonder Growing up in the hills of South India, our seasons … Continue reading “Oh Rapturous Spring!”

The Three Selves

Mary Oliver’s, Upstream, is a book of many marvelous essays. One in particular stood out: Of Power and Time. This one is about the three selves in many of us: The Child Self The Social Self & The Eternal Self. Reflecting upon the piece, I realized we should know this by now, and we probably … Continue reading “The Three Selves”

The Degree of Shoshin

I wonder sometimes how the brain works. I mean, some references make us link to something else across the bridges of time and space where no ostensible link exists. Was astronomy the link? But that seems weak given that I ogle at the stars every opportunity I get. Could the 12 degree landing of Insight … Continue reading “The Degree of Shoshin”

Blooming Time?

A version of this post was published in the Nature Writing magazine: When The Kurinji Blooms In a small corner tucked away from the hectic panting of the world lives a small ecosystem,  nestled in a range of hills that is fast losing its unique beauty to ‘progress’. It is the place I was lucky enough … Continue reading “Blooming Time?”

If Mimosa Pudica Met Humpty Dumpty

The children ask me interesting stories about my childhood every now and then. They seem to think I lived in a fairy tale and maybe I did. I find my reminiscences are often seen through the endearing lens of time ignoring the trials and strife of living in a wet, rainy, cold place. My stories … Continue reading “If Mimosa Pudica Met Humpty Dumpty”