Bee Blossoms

Out on a evening walk one day, my heart rose. The corona virus may be taking the world for a spin of its own. Days seem to be blending into weeks, and weeks into months. There are times, I sit up and notice the weekend is here. Some other times, I sit up and wonder … Continue reading “Bee Blossoms”

Nature’s Adventures

The son and I read a chapter book together. Hitherto, we watered gardens with Liam in The Curious Garden, or ate cookies out of a tin with Frog and Toad. This time we decided to spend several days with Edward and Avon in ‘The End of the Beginning‘. Avon, the snail wants an adventure and … Continue reading “Nature’s Adventures”

The Exciting Night Life of Plum & Polly

“What do you do in the evenings?”, asked a young colleague after telling me about the exciting things that city life has to offer. Maybe my twenty year old could have stood the revels. Hectic – yes, that is the word I am looking for.Β  I myself prefer the quiet lifestyle. I suppose everybody wonders … Continue reading “The Exciting Night Life of Plum & Polly”

An Email About Plants On Mars

Weekday nights, apart from startling Californian flora and fauna out of their wits with the chaos and noise in the home, also means that the old father is busy. A note about the pater’s emailing habits. He settles down with a serious look on his face, a glass of warm water by his side, and … Continue reading “An Email About Plants On Mars”

November Gifts

When the colder regions of the United States start rejoicing in the beautiful colors of Fall in October, California is still reeling with hot summers’ last gasp. Wildfires, and heat waves sound alarms of summer fading out. We are almost there, we pant to each other, as the withered flowers cling to their stems, and … Continue reading “November Gifts”

Autumn πŸ‚ 🍁 πŸƒ of Hope

T’was the week-end of gifts. I had no idea how much I yearned for the promise of hope, till I felt the nimble feeling in my heart again. I stepped out into the autumn πŸ‚πŸπŸƒ day with the children after a bout of dancing in the kitchen. The day was beautiful. Overnight, the Earth seemed … Continue reading “Autumn πŸ‚ 🍁 πŸƒ of Hope”


β€œHow do you think the water on Titan is? “ I must’ve responded with a quizzical look, for the son responded with a β€œSaturn’s moon!”  β€œOh!”  His interest in all things Space-Cosmos has me unnerved sometimes. He catches me when I am zap in the middle of the myriad things that keep me busy and … Continue reading “Soonish”

Bestiary Tales in Covid Times

“Summer will be done in just two weeks!” trilled the children. The son was excited, as expected, by the fact that it was time for the autumnal solstice. (Earth’s tilt, cosmos, time are all fair game for him) I stopped bustling about and nodded. It was true! That’s two whole seasons of Covid living. Summer … Continue reading “Bestiary Tales in Covid Times”

The Kaleidoscope of Life on Earth πŸŒ

β€œHmm…how Covid has changed things right Amma?” said the daughter when I walked into her room one day, and spotted β€˜Greece’ sprawled across the whiteboard. She has been spending her summer making minor changes to the decorations in her room. As most teens do, she has a fond attraction to her room, and one day … Continue reading “The Kaleidoscope of Life on Earth πŸŒ”

πŸ’¦ 🌳 Earth 🌏 Magicians πŸ’₯❄️

Magic was in the air. The afternoon sun was shining with an intensity that surprises us every summer. The high temperatures should really not surprise us anymore, but we still scuttle inside in the afternoon sun and wonder how it got to be so hot so soon. Inside the home, we were grateful for the … Continue reading “πŸ’¦ 🌳 Earth 🌏 Magicians πŸ’₯❄️”