Happy GroundHog Day

A busy January rolled into February. I see you rolling your eyes, nodding your head and saying, “Well, do Januaries roll into April?” Probably making a side note as to how the unhinging need not have happened so soon and so on. But as I stepped out on a walk, that is exactly how I … Continue reading “Happy GroundHog Day”

Fantasy : A Necessary Ingredient to Living?

The list of things that keep us up at night has become more bizarre as the days go on.  I chronicle what was the state of affairs about a week ago because I just let time slip by me.The son had a spot of a cold. He spent a few nights sniffling and having trouble … Continue reading “Fantasy : A Necessary Ingredient to Living?”

The Dosa God’s Warning

It was a lovely afternoon as we sniffed the fresh rain-scented air mingling with the Eucalyptus tree’s heady smells. We were headed to a regional park about an hour’s drive away from where we lived for a birthday party. Our friends, had wisely selected a Regional Park Reserve for the party, so there would be … Continue reading “The Dosa God’s Warning”

Solvitur Ambulando – It is solved by Walking

We all know that exercising has all round benefits and yet, it is good every now and then for an article to bump us into action, or merely to reinforce the importance of an active lifestyle. This article talks about what the author wants her daughter to know about working out: http://wellfesto.com/2013/11/19/10-things-i-want-my-daughter-to-know-about-working-out/ There have been … Continue reading “Solvitur Ambulando – It is solved by Walking”

RIP Mr. Bharathan

In the days of yore, kings and queens vied with each other to send their children to study in the Ashram nestled among Eucalyptus groves and blue hills. The rain filled clouds were said to induce the human condition to be inspired and to inspire alike. In that ashram lived a quiet, unassuming man the … Continue reading “RIP Mr. Bharathan”

Unleashing Teen Potential

Ask me what I have been up to and you would find me fumbling for words. There has been much going on that had me reaching for tissues (No, I don’t have a cold, I mean of the nostalgic type) I am not much of a sappy writer, but I must admit the past weeks … Continue reading “Unleashing Teen Potential”

Lightning in the Butterfly Grove

There is something immensely enjoyable about being around babies I tell you. You ask them the dumbest questions and they buckle down, crease their foreheads in deep thought and give you serious answers.  “Where is your nose?”“Where is the car?”“What did Curious George do?”“Did you throw the blocks outside?” The infant son enjoys sitting on … Continue reading “Lightning in the Butterfly Grove”

India and Love

I wonder if folks remember the wholesome entertainment of Doordarshan (DD : India’s state owned television in the pre-cable era) Doordarshan was aptly named – sometimes it was more entertaining to stare at the door. The Entertainment gurus deemed it inappropriate for young minds to see a lot of things, top among them being hot … Continue reading “India and Love”